Photo: What Are These Girls Doing To Themselves?


Even in broad daylight? What exactly is going on here or are they play acting? Somebody help.


Photos: Your Husbands Are Mailing Me Everyday To Get Into My Bedroom – Kemi Olunloyo


This lady must be seeing things that ordinary eyes do not see, don’t you agree – those men sending her mails too must be seeing it. lol.

Nigerian #women cease to amaze me when they LIKE my page and their sagging fake #boobs cannot be posted on #Facebook and yet they come here calling me names. I Kill them with success and bury them with a smile. Your husbands are e-mailing me all day trying to get into my bedroom. Door’s open, only thing in there will be my bed and my TALKING VIBRATOR! Go play with your USED TOYS! 

kemi oo

WTH: Woman Pregnant For 60 Years

stone_baby stone_baby2This is indeed stranger than fiction. She is one very lucky woman, as this is what kill a lot of women, the infection would have killed them, but here is this woman that even lived for over 90 years, carrying the dead foetus and is still alive.

Stunned doctors discovered a woman complaining of stomach ache had been carrying her unborn child for 60 years. Huang Yijun, 92, of Huangjiaotan, southern China, was told by medics in 1948 that her child had died in the womb. Doctors demanded £100 to remove it, so she walked away. She said: “It was a huge sum at the time – more than the whole family earned in several years so I did nothing and ignored it.”  Continue reading

Photo: Kenya’s Bootilicious Vera Sidika Pose Nude


That shape get as e be sa, if not for the nude photos, you’ll think the bum is fake. Is this real though? Vera Sidika, known as Vee S Beiby is apparently Kenya’s very own Kim Kardashian.

She has been featured in music videos of top artists like Prezzo and currently P Unit ‘YOU GUY’ video. Rocked runways as a plus size model as well as glamorous photo shoots with top designers in the industry. Vee S. Beiby is a student, model, entrepreneur and socialite. She is the first of three children and the only girl. Continue reading

26 Year Old Nigerian Girl To Become The First Black Marchioness In Britain


What is the big deal about that, that was being discriminated about? The colour, the class???  Come to think of it, why is a young lady’s name be Miss McQuiston, when her father’s name is Ladi Jayesinmi? Discrimination?

The future daughter-in-law of Alexander Thynn, the 7th Marquess, claims that she is subject to racism and snobbishness among the aristocracy. Emma McQuiston, an arts graduate, will become Britain’s first black marchioness, but says she is still not fully accepted, and has described society life as “a jungle”. In June Miss McQuiston will marry Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth and the Marquess’s heir.

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I Will Never Be Faithful To Any Woman – Femi Kuti


Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm, does he practise safe sex then, because without that ………….. Obviously, if you are not faithful to them, you don’t expect them to be faithful to you, so the exposure gets …………………..

“I will never get married again. I don’t think I will ever be able to trust anybody. I will never be able to give any woman that chance. First, I will never be faithful. Never ever! I will not even try to be faithful. I won’t! Because first of all, I don’t even believe a woman would be faithful to me. And why does she want to be faithful to me? First, I think it’s very unnatural and I can not even imagine standing somewhere and one man will say ‘I pronounce you man and wife. Who are you to pronounce me man and wife? Okay, I pronounce myself man and wife. There’s a girl who lives with me now. She’s not as jealous as most of my other girlfriends.. She knows I like women, so we understand each other. She doesn’t question me, I don’t question her. She takes cares of our child, no wahala. But the minute she starts being over-jealous, we are going to start to fight. She’s the kind of person that I will say, that girl is fine o, and she will say, should I chase her for you? And I will say don’t worry, I can do it myself.
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