Family Wipeout: Woman Kills Husband And 2 Children Before Killing Herself


Why would she wipe her family out because she couldn’t deal with her own problems? Cutting other people’s lives short is evil. Arghhhhhhhhhh.

A mother shot and killed her two children and her husband before turning the gun on herself this week, according to police. Police say they found the body of suspected killer Angelica Vazquez, 43, and her three family members in their Texas home on Wednesday. The victims are identified as her husband, Marcelo Vazquez, 44, and her two kids, Paulina Vazquez, 21, and Alejandro Vazquez, 18.
A handgun was found on the floor near Angelica’s body. Police were still searching for a motive on Thursday. Police responded on Saturday after a woman called 911 to report that she’d heard gunfire coming from the Vazquez home. They knocked on the door and spoke to a neighbor, but found no reason to force their way in. The same officers returned on Wednesday and discovered newspapers and mail piling up, so they entered the home.

“I’m just shaking… I can’t even express it right now,” Gustavo Herrera, a family friend, told WFAA. Another person close to the family told the network that Angelica recently endured chemotherapy treatments in her fight against cancer.

Angelica’s death was ruled a suicide, while the other three were ruled homicides.


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