Boyfriend Snatching In Nollywood – Oma Iyasere vs Ese Broadricks

Both claims to fame:Actresses in Nollywood

what you are about to read is not a movie script but can pass for one.
Actress Oma was spotted on march 1,2013 at the movie premiere of actress uche jombos #damage movie premiere at the ozone cinema in yaba.She was all garbed up,make up and all but she was crying out her eyes at a corner and the concerned olofofo who spotted her walked up to her to console her and find out why she was crying and blowing her nose.  

Oma cried but opened up to the olofofo who later repeated the conversation. This is what the olofofo squealed.

”Oma open big mouth and big eyes dey cry like who them thief her money,after she calmed down she said she had just had a quarrel with another actress who was her friend and when i ask am why she explained that actress ese broadricks is her very close friend and she used to confide in her about her Dubai based boyfriend named Peter.she said she was supposed to pick up ese and they would head down to the premiere of #damage movie together and when she got to ese’s hotel room and before they left ese called someone and referred to the person as her baby,her sweetheart,her love,after her call,oma said she confronted ese on whom she had called and ese declined answering until oma told her she had called her boyfriend because she had heard his voice as they talked….she really cried,she cry so tey i begin beg am like say na me thief money from her hand”

Further digging reveals both Actresses are no longer on talking terms.

Shame on Oma and Ese if nah man dey cause una fight… girls should better make up and kick his ass!


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