WTH: Church Members Beat And Stone Woman Over Adultery Prophecy

fighting women
How stupid can some people be, you beat somebody up because of a prophecy. These are just bench warmers and definitely not Christians, because as Christians they would be led by the word. Mtschewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
A woman was reportedly stoned by a group of congregants from Heavens Light Ministries after an alleged prophecy of involvement in an illicit affair with a married man pointed to her. The vendor, Collina Chokoza, claims the woman, Phephelaphi Ndlovu, approached her in the company of other congregants and began pelting her with stones without uttering any word. She revealed that some residents intervened and they were told that a prophecy from the angry mob’s church had revealed that Chokoza was having an affair with Ndlovu’s husband.
“I was sitting at my stand when Phephelaphi who was in the company of several men started pelting stones at me. When I inquired what I had done, they continued assaulting me until some residents intervened. She then told people that I was having a relationship with her husband and she got to know about through a prophecy at church,” explained Chokoza. She revealed that when residents had stopped them, Ndlovu started throwing all her goods on the ground before returning to church.
“They returned to their place of worship and I followed them as I wanted an explanation from their pastor. When I got there, I started shouting and fortunately some police details arrived and ordered the congregation to stop singing. When the pastor was questioned on the issue, he distanced himself and we were taken to the police station where she apologised for her actions. She promised to compensate me saying the prophecy had really shocked her,” said Chokoza.
When Ndlovu was contacted for comment, she confirmed the incident but refused to divulge the cause of her actions. “We have been to police and the matter has been resolved so I do not have anything to discuss with you,” she said. The pastor only identified as pastor Moyo said: “I heard from some church members about Ndlovu’s story, but I have not yet spoken to her to understand what transpired.”

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