I Have Over 200 Shoes – Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe


Classy lady. From an interview with bestofnollywood

What does style mean to you?
Style to me means poise, trend and elegance! Just the way you put your outfits together to make you look trendy and stunning. I also believe in not doing too much. Just be in between. Not over doing it and not been too simple. And very importantly, one has to wear what suits one’s frame.

What dictates what you wear?
My mood and the event am attending dictates what I wear.

3,Does being an actress dictate your style?
Nope! Even before I became an actress I have always loved to look good.

4,What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
A gold Rolex wrist watch given to me by my husband  three years ago on valentine’s day.

5,What colours are you comfortable with?
I love colors and I don’t have a preference although I love animal prints, red, neon, blue and many more

6,Do you have a stylish role model you look up?
Quite a number of them. I love Victoria Beckham,Jennifer lopez, Beyonce, Kim kardashian, and Rihanna. They are beautiful women and my role models when it comes to fashion.

7Tell us your favourite Nigerian designer and stylists?
I style myself. *smiles*.  I haven’t worked with a professional stylist before, I  am my own stylist.
For favourite designer, House of Luminee does it for me , she’s awesome.

8,What do you personally see as your most prized asset that makes you look outstanding?
My body! I love my body even after two kids I still look this good. I also have a baby face, because a lot of people say I don’t look my age

9,How many shoes do you have? And who is your favourite cobbler?
Hmmmmm! I have lost count oh! Am sure my shoes are well over 200. Am a Shoe freak. My favorite shoe makers are Christian louboutin and Alexandra McQueen.

10,What determines your makeup and do you have a professional you work with?
I really don’t wear loud make up because I think am prettier without make up, so most times I love wearing nude make up. Yes if I have to go for events or want to undergo a professional photo shoot, I have a professional make up artist I work with. Her name is Jolie. She is fantastic. She just knows the right make up that works for me.


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