Nollywood Actor Odunlade Adekola Is My Father – Babatunde Owokoniran

babatunde owokoniran

It’s very good when your ward appreciates you. Kudos Odun. That story about valentine is very interesting – never keep a woman waiting.

According to an interview granted bestofnollywood:
Can we meet you?

Tunde is a simple GOD fearing guy who loves challenges
How did you come into nollywood?
I met my boss (Odunlade Adekola) and I told him about my desire to become an actor. He listened to me and gave me a priviledge
When was this?
How many movies have you ?
I’ve produced 3 films
Ilualujo, Agbasese, Sokofun and I’ve featured in like 20 to 25 movies
Which one do you think brought you to limelight?
Its the combination of 3 films
Can you mention it?
Sunday dagboru I played the role of Fatai. The other two arr Sokofun and Penkelemesi
What are your challenges being an actor?
Trying to get an identity in the industry is a big challenge.
As an up and coming actor you must try to be relevant amongst people in the industry. They should be able to know your qualities and what you have got to offer and
this will help u get jobs. There are lots of up and coming actors with great acting qualities so the competition is really tight. As an actor you have to be ready and determined at all times.
So has your relationship with Odunlade Adekola helped?
Wow! He is the main reason why I am at this level. God’s blessing is a fundamental factor in all human activities. I  am a strong believer in the fact that you need people to give you a push if you want to grow. I also strongly believe that GOD sent him my way, he taught me everything I know, from acting to human relations, how to cope with pressure, fans, family, colleagues and finance. He’s always there whenever I need him, he helped with my three productions both financially, morally and technically. He opened doors, I’ve met a lot of people, been to lots of places, acquiring lots of experience. Even out of his busy schedule he taught me how to drive. There are millions of things I can mention he is just my second daddy.
What are your future plans?
Presently I’m looking at my next production. I would love feature  in english movies ( I’ve featured in one JOB SEEKERS -not yet out).  My ultimate dream for the future is to produce movies that will help influence and reshape the mindset of youths towards themselves and the world at large with the ultimate message WE HAVE ALL GOT A PART TO PLAY..
Showbiz is about women,sex,drugs and booze,how do u cope?
Choice is an act of selecting, so as for Babatunde Owokoniran I have not and will not venture into any of these acts since its not a collateral for being an actor.
How many girlfriends do you have?
Just one
How long have you been dating her?
5 years
What is the most romantic valentine you ever had?
*laughs* This story funny small I was in 200level then,I was in a fresh relationship so on the morning of the 14th I told my friend I have got to get a gift for my babe he said he wants to do same so we decided to go to tejuosho market from Ojoo. When we got there we started with window shopping not knowing what to buy. Finally we decided on wrist watch so we bought it. While making payment, it started raining heavily, my girlfriend called me like 20times I told her I will be wit her,trying not to tell her I had to go get her a gift. Angrily, she called again, my battery was low so my phone went off.  She now called my friend to report me. He told her to calm down. The rain did not stop so we decided go back to the hostel in the rain. We were stucked in a heavy traffic and finally got to mile 2 around 6 in the evening all wet and tired. We had to walk all the way before we eventually got a bus heading to Iyana Iba, then we got to her hostel around 10pm. When we got there we knocked for 20 minutes before she opened the door.
Her eyes heavy with sleep, she looked at me, about to say something, then I just brought out the gift,  knelt down and said am sorry. She then looked at me again, smiled, gave me a hug and said into my ears you will pay for this. My friend who had gone inside then shouted her name. I was shocked then went inside to see what was going on. On getting there my friend handed a letter to me she wrote ‘I did it because I could not handle the tension’ she actually took sleeping pills she slept all through the day I looked at her and smiled. She said okay but you guys aint going nowhere that she had plans for the day but I ruined it so we had no choice and said okay. She got water, we showered and she served us food. It was so cold I was like ‘baby can you please get this food hotter’? She said ‘No you made it cold so you eat it like that. I looked at my friend and he said I should argue. We ate it like that. While eating, she started lighting red candles all over the room. She used her phone for music while I was eating. She had other plans, so wen we finished eating she made us do the dishes with no argument. She then announced ‘Tunde I can’t sleep. I’ve slept all day so nobody sleeps in this house today. That was how it turned out. Nobody slept. She started with the longest gist I’ve ever heard in my life then we started cleaning her room, changed the room settings we were begging her because we were tired but she said no and my friend will say no arguments. When it was 4am we went to fetch water filled all her buckets. At  5.30, she now said you guys can go back to your hostel.  I tried to object. She then gave me a kiss and said I love u dear, I had fun today. You are the best. She closed the door and was gone! That day I learnt my first lesson don’t ever keep a girl waiting especially on Valentine’s day.
Advice for intending actors
Seek GOD first, you have got to love what you do. Self confidence is an attribute that is really needed, you got to believe in yourself, work hard and stay focused. My mum used to say there is no shortcut to success you got to WORK for it.

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