Photos: The World’s Most Expensive Dress – Valued At $17.7Million

most expensive dress most expensive dress1

It looks so ordinary, that you may not know it is that expensive. The dazzling dress is encrusted with 2000 stones in total including the star of the show: the world’s rarest and most expensive red diamond. The Abaya created by British designer Debbie Wingham may be attracting masses of attention because of its £11.7m price tag.  

most expensive dress2 most expensive dress3

Debbie first made her mark on the fashion world when she unveiled a £3.5m black dress encrusted with 50 two carat black diamonds that weighed a hefty 29lbs (13kg) last year. Her latest creation may be a simple abaya design (a loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by some women in parts of the Islamic world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsul) but the extravagant design and detailing makes it the most expensive item to ever go on sale.

most expensive dress4 most expensive dress5 most expensive dress6

At the centre of the dress dazzles the world’s rarest and most expensive diamond.

One in every hundred million diamonds is a natural red colour and they are found on average every 50 years but generally too small to speak of, so this is something quite special.

The individual diamond has a value of £4.89m.

Culled from Daily Mail UK


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