Honour Killing: Parents Kill Their Daughter For Getting Pregnant Outside Wedlock

acid-killing-parentsThese evil people will not stop, will they? Killing somebody because she got pregnant outside wedlock, going with out with the “wrong person” and some other silly reasons like that. They call it honour killing.

A Kashmir-Pakistani couple has confessed to killing their 18 year old daughter for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The couple, who considered their daughter’s action as a dishonour to the family, had, on 14 March, declared their daughter missing to Kotli City Police authorities, according to a BBC report. But, the discovery of her chopped off body and dismembered head by villagers gave the killer parent away.  Investigation later revealed the parent had partaken in “honour killing’ of their daughter on 6 March to preserve the family’s integrity. The parents confessed to the Police it was the reason they had chopped off the deceased’s body with an axe. They dumped her body parts in the Poonch river, where villagers found them and alerted the police.

“About five days later we found the head of the girl, which was recognised by the villagers,” Inspector Jameel of the Kotli City Police said. He noted to the BBC that there had been an upsurge of the once rare killings in the city, with the deceased being the third to be reported in five months.

PM News


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